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Personal property finder

Foto de Robert L Hinton‘#Houses_we_would_love_to_restore’ started as a photographic hobby where we collected images of old Majorcan houses with charm. We like old houses and we would love to restore them all. So one day we asked ourselves: ‘Why don’t we offer the service of locating houses for those who are willing to buy an old house in Majorca?’
The love we profess for this type of house and the experience we have in restoration give us a perspective, objectivity and valuable knowledge that we offer to whoever is interested in acquiring a property on the island.
Following the designs and client requisitions, we search and select amongst the properties available for sale those which are the most interesting. We offer as well the service of technical consulting about the current state of the house, and we develop the restoration project at the client’s request.
More information: (Robert López Hinton)