Project management and old houses restoration
Proyecto Proyecto

Project management and old houses restoration

We develop projects of restoration of old houses in collaboration with architects and building technicians. We take charge of the project management in restoration and new buildings. Our projects are based on the Mediterranean construction, sustainable and ecological, as well as on classic techniques of construction, like Roman concrete or rammed earth, incorporating when necessary methods and materials of contemporary use.

Can Monroig, foto A Kaunat

We locate for our clients and their projects, materials like recuperated terracotta, old flagstones, arches, masonry and antique doors. We work with natural pigments, limes, and other natural construction products and we have a specialised equipped team for working in lime mortars.
We have our own warehouse of antique materials, exclusively for the projects in which we participate.

Specialised in the restoration of old houses of traditional construction, we have our own team of workers and we collaborate with external companies. We work with materials of low ecological impact, or highly recyclable. We take charge of the interior architecture. We create volumes and redistribute spaces. We recuperate and restore architectural elements that are in bad condition. Our specialization is the strengthening of walls of old rammed earth and stonework according to traditional Majorcan style. We personalise the wall design with textures given by lime mortars, likewise the decoration of floors and antique doors.

Revoco en pared de mortero de cal y tierra en Can Monroig

We restore antique houses maintaining the spirit and soul with which they were built in their time.

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